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Jeanne's Workshops & Presentations

Bring Jeanne to Your Organization

  • When Bad Teams Happen to Good People
    Learn & apply what it really takes to work and soar together.
  • Strategic Leaning
    Wary of launching another ("Oh will this ever end ...!") strategic plan? Strategic Leaning's new approach unleashes the power of true strategic intent and creativity.
  • Stellar Customer Service - Inside Out
    Want the real secret to stellar front-line service? It's organizational excellence (NOT politeness-training 101). Jeanne helps you identify & fix your organization's weak spots.
  • Sowing the Seeds
    An entire generation of public & non-profit leaders will be retiring soon. Is your organization attracting and keeping your future stars? Jeanne can help you take "workforce development" to a whole new level.
  • Middle Management Academy
    Premier training for behavioral healthcare's emerging leaders.
  • Merger Bliss
    Considering strategic partners, joint affiliations or merger? Success depends on both (straightforward) practicalities and (trickier) emotions. Jeanne's training & consultation handles both.
  • It's Weird & It's Wonderful
    Let's face it, alternative medicine is steadily creeping into the mainstream, full of foreign concepts, odd techniques, and wild debates about efficacy. Jeanne can help make sense of the noise by summarizing different systems & methods, suggesting what's relevant, pointing to trustworthy (and questionable!) research, and offering some solid next steps. While admittedly a fan, Jeanne doesn't proselytize about any approach -- instead she gives you the resources to decide for yourself.

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